Our Approach

Why I’m Running 

The United Conservative Party is a big tent party, and I believe it represents the interest of a majority of Albertans. Strong conservative leadership is our best choice for the real change we need. The party understands that it’s hard-working Albertans who make our province great, and it wants to remove the NDP’s unfair regulations that prevent us from getting the job done. With a critical focus on jobs, the economy, and individual rights, the United Conservative Party represents a return to the policies and the values that made Alberta strong, successful, and unified.

Our Story

What I will work to Achieve as Your UCP Candidate

The United Conservative Party will implement a platform committee to consult Albertans broadly, outside the party, because they want what’s best for all Albertans. Understanding the needs of citizens is the most important step in the development of policy, and this aligns with my beliefs.

Undoing the damage done by the NDP is my top priority, and this includes letting investors know that Alberta is open for business, to earn back their confidence. Avoiding government intervention and regressive regulation will be fundamental to the development of policy. I’ll work to kill the Carbon Tax and support a fair flat tax for Albertans. Additionally, I’ll work to depoliticize the public school curriculum to ensure our children receive rigorous, unbiased education.

I want less government, not more. But most importantly, I want to hear from you to make sure your voice is heard and your needs are represented.

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